United International School of Lisbon

The United International School of Lisbon

The United International School of Lisbon has been conceived in response to the lack of an international school of scale in central Lisbon. The old campus of the Universidade Independente is being converted into the best urban international school campus in central Lisbon – complete with indoor and outdoor playgrounds and sports facilities. It will also have an auditorium for assemblies, plays and musical performances with a capacity 450.

The school will take in kids ranging from Kindergarten to 12th year of school (K-12) and intends to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) as an option for the last 2 years of school (grades 11 and 12).

The vision of the owners is for the school operator to work with the local municipality pool, the local marina and other amenities in the Park of Nations area for the school to offer swimming, rowing and sailing lessons. The intention is also to work closely with the Oceanarium and the Science Museum, which are located a few minutes away. The National Ballet – Teatro de Camões – is also located in the same area, offering a huge added value for students of the school. Being based literally at the doorstep of the historic Park of Nations area, it is only natural to celebrate the Park of Nations and to have a strong curriculum linked to the sports and the amenities on offer closeby.

The owners of the school are in the process of finalising a global brand of international schools as an operator for the school. This will ensure that a world-class school will be in operation at the United International School of Lisbon from day 1.

In the meantime, please register your interest in the school, complete with the ages of your children.

F6CYXX Sculpture by Jorge Vieira inspired by the sun and man - Homem-Sol - and set in the Park of the Nations, Lisbon. Portugal. Europe