Bathroom Tiles

The choice of bathroom tiles are from the Margres Prestige series
Prestige is the enduring representation of a classical era, with glimpses and greatness of striking spaces that today takes the center stage of avant-garde architecture. In the presence of this marble, we realize that in fact it’s a classic like no other, that knew how to surround itself of both enigmatic and historical auras out of its time.

Prepared with the most advanced digital print technology, the porcelain glazed tile is a complete marble collection very distinctive and full of personality between them.

Outstanding and with exceptional qualities, Prestige is transversal in time and space, with the capability of covering spaces with an extraordinary versatility and, simultaneously, capable of creating exclusive and captivating settings, decorated with cleverness and authenticity.

Prestige, an authentic force of nature, eternal in nobility and sophistication, is the true calling for modern Architecture.

Travertino Grey




Iroko – With its distinctive golden brown colour, Iroko floors can provide your home with a look of class and distinction.
This wooden flooring has a passing resemblance to Teak and this is the reason it is often called African Teak.

Acer Canadiano / Hard Maple – Maple is a hardwood species characterised by being hard-wearing and therefore very suitable for flooring.
The uniform grain structure and the natural light colour provide a floor with an elegant look.

Carvalho – Carvalho is valued for its rich golden colour and hardwearing properties. It’s a durable, reliable wood with the classic knots and swirling grain patterns

All floors are Varnished 180 Trend Plank 100/2400 x 15mm with 4.5mm hardwood, with 4.5mm of natural wood and 11.5mm of double birch plywood, Matt natural UV finish.


Hard Maple

European Oak

Our Architect recommends Iroko Floor and Calacatta Tiles