Discover a design neighbourhood with a difference

Discover a design neighbourhood with a difference

Portugal has always been known for its creativity, craftsmanship and artistic talent, from its traditional crafts to its world-renowned street art scene.

Making art and design part of our journey and the experience at Martinhal Residences has always been important to us. We chose the wonderful riverside location of Park of Nations, for both the abundance of clean open space and accessibility but above all its unique character. Like other global cities which have become a destination for exploration and experience, Park of Nations stands out for its showcase architecture and its fascinating and colourful trail of art and sculpture. Treasured pieces from Expo 1998, along with the area’s cultural attractions in this special corner of Lisbon Oriente, create a wonderful vibrancy loved by residents and visitors alike.

One such piece is the much-loved Iberian Lynx by Portuguese artist Bordalo II the towering sculpture as well as being well photographed serves as a powerful symbol of the neighbourhood’s renewal. A series of Bordalo special commissions features within the Residences, one striking feline pair in the lobby echoing the earth tones of the interiors and a colourful friend which appears as if draped amongst the decorative vines and greenery of The Terrace restaurant. A further commission carries through to the exterior with a responsive sculpture which reacts to movement and creates a connection with the area’s artistic tendencies.

In addition to the established art in the area, there is also a thriving street art programme run throughout Lisbon. Every two years, thousands of international artists who work across a range of mediums apply to have their art gracing the city’s buildings. The area from Park of Nations through to Marvila is home to some of the most memorable street art in the city, bringing more colour and interest to the fabric of our neighbourhood.

For the team behind Martinhal Residences, supporting the arts in Portugal is not just about showcasing the local talent and promoting a creative economy but establishing a sense of place and fostering a sense of community. Much of the arts and craftspeople such as Kruella D’Enfer, Maria Imaginário, Tamara Alves and Pedro Batista, we worked with for over ten years. They are part of our Martinhal Luxury, Art, and Design Weekend in Sagres, an annual event that brings together brands, artists, craftspeople, and designers for workshops and to showcase Portuguese brands and creative ventures.

As well as being able to appreciate the creative expression we are fostering within and around the Residences, we also invite our buyers to work with us to curate their own artworks from our stable of artists. With more artistic collaboration and happenings to announce, we look forward to taking you on this very colourful journey through our special neighbourhood.

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