2024 Portugal residency programs

Webinar | 16/01/2024 |10:00 am
In light of a busy year of changes to the residency and Visa pathways in Portugal, we knew it was high time to reintroduce our webinar series to outline what it all means. So last week we partnered with leading law firm, Edge International Lawyers whose senior partner, Geoffrey Graham like me has been in Portugal over 20 years. Portugal’s Golden Visa, although not applicable to property purchases anymore, in its new form encourages investment in industries important to Portugal’s continued growth – arts philanthropy, investment funds, research, and job creation.

The highly favourable NHR – non habitual residency came to an end. But there are silver linings for those who had in place a registered employment contract, lease or property purchase underway, or had a permit or visa on or before 31st December 2023. They can still submit papers before the end of 2024 and have the benefits over the allotted ten-year time period.

A new scheme intends to go some way to replace the NHR; the ITS, Incentivised Tax Status. This will benefit individuals and higher degree (PhD) holders involved in research, education and academia. Individuals can benefit 20% flat tax rate, tax exemption on foreign income and 50% tax exemption on professional income up to €250k pa.

Introduced in 2022, the D8 Digital Nomad Visa and Start-Up Visas, look to be a further boost for those wanting skin in the game of Portugal’s impressive start-up and enterprise sector.

The D7 visa remains a popular pathway for those in or nearing retirement or with passive income.

The D1, D2, Entrepreneur/Investment Visa , Family Reunification or Expression of Interest route, complete the range of options available.

Great news to many also came in early January (12.01.24) of the government’s intention to expedite citizenship journey, counting from the time papers were filed. A very equitable fiscal and tax landscape in Portugal with no wealth or inheritance tax, double taxation treaties with over 79 countries add to Portugal’s very attractive offer as a place to work, live and invest.

Education here in Portugal is second to none, year-on-year our universities are working their way up global higher education rankings. If the government’s continued focus on investment into innovation and research is an indicator, the country will continue to flourish. Here in Lisbon, we also excel at having very strong contenders in international schooling. Not least, we opened United Lisbon in 2020, growing its student body since launch, with over 30 nationalities now represented and the first IBDP cohort this year. Last year, we became the first European partner for the UK’s Duke’s Education Group, giving us access to fantastic resources, training, and extracurricular programmes.

If you are considering Lisbon or Portugal and are looking for a ‘launch pad’ for you or your family, our beautifully designed apartments come with all the conveniences of high spec hotel living combined with the flexibility and comfort of home, with a full contemporary kitchen and laundry facilities.

To round up, given the breadth of Geoffrey’s expertise and Edge’s scope, together we were able to answer many complex questions. However, we would encourage you to book a consultation with Edge for specific guidance.

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